Tuesday, December 22, 2009


(pardon the picture...my phone camera won't send photos anymore, therefore I used a screenshot of facebook...)

Since it has been finals/end of the semester, I haven't exactly had the time to do any real cooking/go out after I'm in the comfort of my apartment, so I have (somewhat shamefully) been eating instant noodles. Yesterday evening I stumbled across a new flavor (Katsuo) of sanukiya udon at my beloved Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant (twixt 3rd Avenue and 9th st.). Now these aren't those famed Maruchan Cup of Noodles eaten by many a stereotypical college student; these are par cooked noodles with a nice dashi broth (there isn't a shizzle lot of sodium or a shizzle lot 'o fat) and I was quite giddy when I saw that there was even a little packet of bonito.

Zap it in the microwave for 6 minutes and you have a delicious japanese meal for $2.50 (And no dishes to do!). I also like their other flavors...mild somen (I can't take the spice of the regular, but I'm weak sauce), and the other udon flavor who's name is escaping me. Yes, I am a tad ashamed to be writing a blog about instant noodles, but...they're so good... :>


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