Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookie Marathon Part II

from back: iced sugar cookies, lemon wreaths, cranberry thumbprints

Finally I am posting part deux. I made chocolate pretzels (not pictured here) and iced sugar cookies. Both recipes are from martha stewart. For the iced sugar cookies, I used royal icing and I made my own cornets! It was quite exciting, though I overfilled the red and it oozed out everywhere... The cookies were a success! I think my favorites were the cranberry thumb prints.

Also, yesterday I went to Whole Foods and they have this huge bar of Icelandic chocolate (the brand is Sirius) for 3.99!! It's literally two chocolate bars in one and the chocolate is amazing! I got the 70%; I like the bitter stuff. They make a clean breaking sound and they come off in nice little 2cm squares. Give it a go! It's a lot of chocolate, and it's going to take me a while to eat, but so cheap!

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