Friday, November 20, 2009

I've been eating persimmons lately, well, I had three and now I'm trying to finish my apples. They just remind me of my parents, mostly, but anyhoo, they are quite delicious and have this crisp texture in the center. Remove the skin when you eat it. However, it should be said that just straight, they're kind of funky in flavor, so i add some honey (I bought some honeydew honey from Buon Italia at Chelsea Market, which is really dark and flavorful) and eat it with yogurt and it takes the funk out.

Also at Buon Italia, I bought some roasted, salted fava beans which are quite good, they're really really crunchy and taste like wasabi peas minus the wasabi.

I'm hoping to do some more interesting cooking soon for Thanksgiving and Christmas, school is eating up a lot of my time, so we'll see...