Sunday, January 17, 2010

A New Home

Hi folks,

It's getting a little lonely here at GoingSeasonal so I have joined forces with my California pal, David, and we have started our own blog: Collared Greens: Keeping your food classy ( ). My first entry is "White Loaf". I hope you will continue to follow my culinary exploits in my new home :>.

Love, Patty

Friday, January 8, 2010

So far...

I just thought I'd update on the things I've made with my kitchen companion, David, so far this break:
1. chocolate waffle iron cookies
2. sorghum molasses cookies
3. rendered some lard
4. profiteroles
5. brown butter sage gnocci
6. chinese "pearl" meatballs (they're covered in sticky rice and they're my favorite thing evar)
7. vegetable tempura pancake
8. buttermilk ice cream with a sorghum swirl (needs to be perfected)


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It was my sister's 24th birthday yesterday and these days I prefer to make the cakes myself, so I made a chocolate cake, 1st layer: raspberries and whipped cream, 2nd layer whipped cream, 3rd layer more raspberries and whipped cream. The cake was a chocolate genoise (with Green & Black's dutch processed cocoa powder, aka cocoa powder processed with alkali. Most cocoa powders aren't even labelled Dutch process, so it's best to check the ingredients list for cocoa powder processed with alkali. Green & Black's isn't that good, I think... It's a lot like natural, but that's all they had at the Cupertino Whole Foods...alas, they didn't have that precious European red box, who's name escapes me now, like they do in NY), which is an unleavened cake; it gets its volume from beaten (and beaten and beaten to soft peaks) whole eggs. Only three tablespoons of [clarified] butter in the whole thing, and soo good.. I used a pint of cream whipped to soft peaks. I tried to beat that cream by hand, but it took way too long. I was beating for 10 minutes, probably, until I gave up and used my mixer. Why do I beat by hand? exercise, I suppose?... and I think It's kind of fun.. I beat the eggs by hand :> I am looking forward to a very large right bicep. Anyways, the cake was soaked in a Grand Marnier sugar syrup (didn't have any Framboise like the recipe called for, but t'was a good substitute) and layered up. The cake was supposed to be baked in just one pan, but I made the mistake of baking it in two (like I did with my mother's birthday cake...), but I just sliced them in half and we had four layers of cake; no big deal; I just had to use my whipped cream sparingly. Anyhooze, it was a delicious cake and everyone should give genoise a try. It's a little bit delicate to make, but it is a goodie that few, if any, bakeries these days sell.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


(pardon the phone camera won't send photos anymore, therefore I used a screenshot of facebook...)

Since it has been finals/end of the semester, I haven't exactly had the time to do any real cooking/go out after I'm in the comfort of my apartment, so I have (somewhat shamefully) been eating instant noodles. Yesterday evening I stumbled across a new flavor (Katsuo) of sanukiya udon at my beloved Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant (twixt 3rd Avenue and 9th st.). Now these aren't those famed Maruchan Cup of Noodles eaten by many a stereotypical college student; these are par cooked noodles with a nice dashi broth (there isn't a shizzle lot of sodium or a shizzle lot 'o fat) and I was quite giddy when I saw that there was even a little packet of bonito.

Zap it in the microwave for 6 minutes and you have a delicious japanese meal for $2.50 (And no dishes to do!). I also like their other flavors...mild somen (I can't take the spice of the regular, but I'm weak sauce), and the other udon flavor who's name is escaping me. Yes, I am a tad ashamed to be writing a blog about instant noodles, but...they're so good... :>


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookie Marathon Part II

from back: iced sugar cookies, lemon wreaths, cranberry thumbprints

Finally I am posting part deux. I made chocolate pretzels (not pictured here) and iced sugar cookies. Both recipes are from martha stewart. For the iced sugar cookies, I used royal icing and I made my own cornets! It was quite exciting, though I overfilled the red and it oozed out everywhere... The cookies were a success! I think my favorites were the cranberry thumb prints.

Also, yesterday I went to Whole Foods and they have this huge bar of Icelandic chocolate (the brand is Sirius) for 3.99!! It's literally two chocolate bars in one and the chocolate is amazing! I got the 70%; I like the bitter stuff. They make a clean breaking sound and they come off in nice little 2cm squares. Give it a go! It's a lot of chocolate, and it's going to take me a while to eat, but so cheap!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cookie Marathon Part I

Preparing for an x-mas party tomorrow. I've finished making 2 of 4 kinds of cookies: the first were lemon wreaths (from december 2009 martha stewart living) and cranberry thumbprints (also from martha dec 2009). i'm too tired to write more, but just a few notes: lemon wreaths' hole must be made a lot larger than the thickness of the ring because the cookie spreads and fills in the hole... most of mine have lost their hole and aren't really wreaths, but in any case they are tasty.


Friday, November 20, 2009

I've been eating persimmons lately, well, I had three and now I'm trying to finish my apples. They just remind me of my parents, mostly, but anyhoo, they are quite delicious and have this crisp texture in the center. Remove the skin when you eat it. However, it should be said that just straight, they're kind of funky in flavor, so i add some honey (I bought some honeydew honey from Buon Italia at Chelsea Market, which is really dark and flavorful) and eat it with yogurt and it takes the funk out.

Also at Buon Italia, I bought some roasted, salted fava beans which are quite good, they're really really crunchy and taste like wasabi peas minus the wasabi.

I'm hoping to do some more interesting cooking soon for Thanksgiving and Christmas, school is eating up a lot of my time, so we'll see...